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AI-powered and integrated with your existing software, Mosaic shows who is working on what, when—all in one beautiful interface.

Need an easier way to plan and manage resources? Get Mosaic—AI-powered resource management software.

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  • Efficiently allocate people to projects
  • Forecast demand and workload
  • Know when—and which skills—to hire
  • Significantly improve utilization
Plan projects and resources with Mosaic

Take the guesswork out of headcount planning

Mosaic uses historical and planning data to automatically generate work plans and forecast demand, enabling a more accurate, workload-focused approach to headcount planning. Our AI even recommends when to hire and for what role.

Get workload under control

Understand what your team can and can't get done, and balance work across the team to prevent burnout with Mosaic's visual workload heatmap.

Skills predictions in Mosaic

Ensure everyone is busy with the right work

Mosaic analyzes availability, deadlines, budgets, and more to suggest the right jobs for the right people, which significantly increases utilization.

Accurately forecast workload

Stop worrying about whether you have enough work or are taking on too much. Mosaic analyzes historical project, planning, and budget data to optimize and predict workload.

Get AI-powered workforce intelligence

Forget manual spreadsheets and heavyweight BI tools. Mosaic's dashboards distribute real-time reports for visibility into key organizational metrics.

Unlock the potential of your workforce

Easily understand the skills and capacity of your team. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the roles in your organization to inform hiring.

See how Mosaic can increase profitability and productivity—guaranteed.

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