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Visual, simple, and fast, Mosaic shows who is working on what, when in one beautiful interface.

Deliver every project on time and on budget with Mosaic—project management software built for architects.

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  • Plan and staff projects and assign tasks
  • Balance workload to improve productivity and beat burnout
  • Map schedules, track project fees, and manage scope
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Assemble the right teams

Build, edit, copy, and reassign work plans with the click of a button. Get AI-powered recommendations to assemble projects teams with the right skills and availability, and instantly update teams as plans change.  

Understand and outline what needs to be done for every project

Unlike traditional project management tools, Mosaic lets you track the higher level scope of work. Easily track work without getting in the weeds of the task level.

"Get Mosaic. It'll change how you do things. It’s freedom from spreadsheets and from time-consuming manual processes."

Susan Reid

Principal | Interwork

Demand Analysis

Assign work and improve productivity

Mosaic automatically alerts assignees and project owners of changes, so everyone always knows who’s doing what and what comes next.

Replicate project successes

Save time by quickly cloning past projects or turning them into templates. Mosaic lets you build upon and learn from your past successes, so you can put repetitive work on autopilot.

Skills predictions in Mosaic

Make every dollar and minute count

Mosaic automatically tracks time for easier and more accurate timesheets. Easily track budgets, too, so they never get out of control.

Loved by All—from Teams of 10 to 10,000

"Mosaic has helped our firm visualize and control our overall project schedules and resources."

"Great way to see what's happening...Mosaic is what’s been missing for complex & busy teams."

Daniel R.

Franchesca R.

"Buy it! Our experience with Mosaic has been incredible."

"For the first time, I feel like I can easily manage workload, timeline, and budget in one space."

Adam L.

Karenda M.

See how Mosaic can increase profitability and productivity—guaranteed.

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